Can you get on top and stay on top, or will you have to snake control of the board away from someone else?

Serpent Master is a card-driven strategic area control board game for 1-4 players where a player must keep their serpent on top to win.


"Don't be poisoned by the idea this is a simple game to win. As the game twists and turns, so does your strategy."          --John D.


Serpent Master's core mechanic is the simultaneous selection and playing of cards. Each round players select one of their cards to play, which will direct the movement of their serpent, and cards are resolved highest to lowest.


You only have a limited number of turns to master your opponents and control the board.




Players will have to decide which card to play when for the best move to either gain ground or counteract what their opponents may play. It is as much about knowing the game as it is about knowing the other players.


Place the game board in the center of the table and each player chooses a color of their choice and takes the associated cards and tokens. Players shuffle their cards and sets aside 4 random cards without looking at them. The remaining cards form a player's hand.


Each player finds the token with their serpent head and places the head next to the side of the board from which they will enter (players cannot enter on the same space as another player).




Each turn players select one of the remaining cards in their hand to play and places it in front of them face down.


All players simultaneously reveal their cards. Players then resolve the cards, moving their serpent, from highest to lowest.


Play continues until all cards have been played. The player with the most serpent showing is the winner!




The box includes everything needed for 1 to 4 players. The components include:


  • One 14" x 14" quad-fold game board
  • 1 Serpent Head token in each of Orange, Green, Blue, Red, White and Black
  • 48 (+5 Bonus) Serpent Body tokens in each of Orange, Green, Blue, Red, White and Black
  • 15 cards for each color
  • Rulebook

Serpent Master

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