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I’m a beginner gamer - can you recommend some games to start with?

We invite any and all beginner games to give our games a try. For younger players we recommend our Pick Your Battle series of games. For those who like strategy based card games we recommend our Djinns of the High Desert card game. For those who like light strategy board games, we recommend our Serpent Master board game.

If I need a game guide that isn’t currently listed, can I reach out for help?

If you have a question about game play or rules interpretation, you may do one of the following:

A piece from my game is broken / missing
Can I get a replacement?

Use the Contact Us page or send an email to customercare@toreshgames.com to inquire about replacement parts.

All missing / damaged pieces will be replaced for free. You may be asked to pay for shipping under certain circumstances. 

Can I get a review copy of your game?

Contact marketing@toreshgames.com to request a review copy.

The availability of review copies is limited and dependent on stock. At this time, with few exceptions, we do not provide review copies outside of the United States.

Will you donate some of your games to my library / charity?

Contact marketing@toreshgames.com to request donation copies.

The availability of donation copies is limited and dependent on stock.

How often is your site updated with new content?

We strive to keep our website current, but we are not web designers. If you have suggestions or encounter any issues, please email customercare@toreshgames.com. Thank you.

Do you accept game idea submissions?

We do not accept unsolicited game ideas for board game publishing without prior contact or an introduction at an event.

If you would like to introduce yourself, check our social media and announcements to find out what events we will be at and schedule a time to meet with us.

Can I buy wholesale from Toresh Games?

Toresh Games has wholesale pricing on all of our games. You can purchase games either through our distributors or directly from us.

Please send an email to marketing@toreshgames.com to request a copy of our current direct wholesale pricing list.

I'm interested in licensing your games for a different country.

Contact marketing@toreshgames.com to inquire about licensing.